Denial of Workers Comp Rights

How do you like this for a state? The State of California has had direct documented evidence that proves Federal and State crimes and right violations were committed against me and by whom from 1989 to date, since 1992. Law enforcement continue to refuse to state or file any Police Reports and Law enforcement, also, continue to refuse to investigate any Reported Crime I have reported from 1992 to this very.

The State of California, Federal and State law enforcement, the state organizations involved, and the Legal System have "ALL" had direct documented evidence that proves crimes and rights violations were committed and by whom, since 1992. Two Insurance Companies, at least four lawyers, at least seven medical doctors, three different Appeals Boards, and the Recon Board have willfully and knowingly committed Proven Federal and State crimes and rights violations against me from 1989 to date. Not "ONE" of these Reported Crimes has ever been stated or filed on any Police Reports and NONE have ever been investigated from 1992 to this very day. Would you all believe, that every single one of these Proven Criminals continue to be allowed to "RETAIN" their professional licenses and their places of businesses.

The worst of the crimes committed: Legal, Medical, Insurance, and WC Fraud; conspiracy to commit Fraud; Known violation of Business and Professional Code:810; Known violation of Insurance Code: 1871.4 A 2&3; Withholding/Suppressing the known direct evidence that prove the crimes were committed and by whom; Obstruction of Justice; Aiding and Abetting Known Criminals in their Flight from Justice; and Aiding and Abetting in the Known illegal withholding/ suppressing direct evidence from becoming evidence in any Court of Law. Crimes started being committed since 1989.

Crimes started being committed through the Legal system, since 1991. Law enforcement had the evidence and crimes reported, since 1992. The state organizations involved had direct evidence, since 1993. Federal law enforcement had direct evidence, since 1994. The State of California (Governor's office and other federal and state politicians) have known,"since, at least 1994. At no time or in no way has there ever been one single attempt by this state, any law enforcement agency, state organizations involved, or the Legal System within this State of California to Up Hold or Enforce the LAW against Known and Proven Professionally Licensed Criminals from 1989 up until and including this very day, since,at least, 1992 to the present date".

I have never been informed nor have I ever received my : civil rights, medical rights, legal rights, labor rights, and all my Workers' Compensation Rights and benefits, from 1989 up until and including this very day, by the State of California, since 1991 to present date.

I have never been provided any medical treatment for Eight work related injuries caused on three different dates in 1989 and 1990,from 1989 to present date, in direct violation of the LA I have received some medical treatment, but not the type required for the type injuries suffered in 3/91.I was rearended in a break down lane. My car was off and the transmission was in park. The car that rearended my car, made no attempt to slow down or avoid the collision. The impact pushed my car, estimated at, about two full size car lengths. Each case, the insurer used "Fraud" and "Subornation of Perjury" to get out of their Obligations and Responsibilities for the Injuries caused by their insured. How can any "sane" and "competent" person possibly continue to believe in or trust the "Law", "any law enforcement", or the "Legal System"??

How can the State of California possibly "Ethically, Morally, or Legally JUSTIFY" refusing to Protect, Up Hold, and Enforce the LAW against Known and Proven professionally licensed Criminals?? And worse yet, the State of California continues to allow these Known Criminals to "retain" their professional licenses and their places of business. This victim has been handicapped since 1989, unemployable since 1992, and without any type of any kind of an "INCOME" from 1993 to this very day!!!!

I have been living with a very good friend, because I am Physically and Medically unemployable, as the result of the injuries caused and no medical provided. I have always had physical labor jobs, all my life. I can no longer do that type work. I have no other skills to offer any potential employer. Also, I can't lift more then about 20 to 30lbs. I can't stand for any duration of about 5 to 10 minutes and my back and neck starts hurting. I can't walk for more then about maybe, on a good day, about a quarter of a mile. Known crimes committed are directly responsible for my physical and medical conditions, as well as, my financial situation. But this "VICTIM" continues to be the only one who continues to be forced to suffer and endure the "direct consequences" of the crimes committed by others, against me, "from 1989 to this very day".

But I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit. And I have NO intention of surrendering.

So, if anyone need's someone to talk to. Someone that will listen and hear you. And what we talk about, I promise, will go no further. Also, if you live in California and need info about Workers' Compensation. What I don't know, I know where to find out.

- Daniel

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