Cumulative Repetitive Stress Injury

Workman's comp denied my claim stating the trauma I received couldn't be proven that it was work related. The treating physician said it was 100% work related.

This was trauma to a body part (the testicles) due to driving heavy equipment on a daily basis. The Dr. stated to the insurance that he has seen this happen more than once.

I am filing for an expedited hearing, but can't find an attorney since I don't live in the same state as I work, and that there just isn't enough money involved.

I hope I can get an honest Judge to hear this case. I was put in the hospital for three days after physically collapsing at work from the infection that had spread to my entire body.

I still am not better but had to go bad to work to get a dollar coming in for my family.

Luckily I have an understanding boss. But he will not get involved to fight the insurance company for me for fear of his premiums going up or being cancelled.

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