Back Injury Resulting in Spinal Fusion

I returned to my job in september of 2001 after being out because of a spinal fusion. I returned to work with a few limitations like no heavy lifting, stretching etc. My boss took my high paying job away from me due to "my health". I proceeded to take the supervisors job, and filled in wherever needed.

One day I was helping one of the other associated and i turned and lifted a very light object and felt instantly that I hurt my back. I went to head of security told him that I hurt myself he asked if I could wait until one of his associates came in at 3 to fill out the report cause he wanted to go home. I agreed. At three o'clock I sat down with the associate from security filed the report and went home that evening.

The next day I contacted my doctor, and he told me to rest in bed ice and heat and if it was not better by friday to contact his office and one of his partners would see me. I went to work on wednesday told the head of security that I had been in contact with my doctor!

He went nuts told me I shouldn't do that that I had to go to their doctor, why hadn't the girl told me that on monday. I went to their doctor, she said that I must see my doctor immediately I have been out of work since november.

My surgeon wants to operate on me stated this on march 4. I have been waiting since then for workmans comp to approve this operation, I had to go see their independent doctor on june 4th they said it would be 2 weeks it has now been 4 weeks. I have not heard anything yet.

I have called workmans comp three times this week and they have not yet returned my calls, in the mean time my back is getting worse, and I am very limited in what I am able to do. I have to walk around with a cane and a walker, why am being jerked around. I want to know if I find that this delay is making my back worse what legal grounds do have to sue workmans compensation.

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