Crushed By A Truck At Work

I was injured very badly in 1987 and having been fighting workers comp ever since. I am not able to work and am on multiple medications, one being oxycotin. I have lost my trust in the system that is supposed to protect people with disabilities. I have been terminated from numerous jobs, and nothing happens. The ADA did not protect me form being terminated because my employer thought that I was at risk of being reinsured.

I was pinned against a work bench by a pickup and my life has been full of troubles ever since. The doctors have given up on me, but I still keep going even thought I am in pain all the time. The workers comp system has so many flaws that hurt the already injured worker. I am supposed to have full medical for life, but have had to fight to keep workers comp paying for my medical and medication.

Workers comp hopes that a person will just give up and call it quits and sometimes I feel that way. I tell people that what ever they do, do not get hurt because the system lets people fall through the cracks. There is no safety net and the slippery slope becomes ever closer.

I have lost everything I worked for, gone through a divorce, and trying to pay child support when I cannot even work. I would really like to have my day in court and tell workers comp what I think of them. I know that is the wrong attitude to have, yet when everything in your life has gone to hell it is not hard to feel that way.

I am so glad that there is a group like this to become a booming voice of power that will some day be heard, and vindicate the injured worker.

Thank you for letting me defuse.

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