Slip And Fall At Work

I fell from my employer's negligence They had a air conditioning system overhead that had been leaking and they never attempted to repair it.

I fell flat on my back I suffer from a herniated disc, detractive disc disease and bone spurs and also arthritis this set in after I was injured. I got hurt in July 2000, I was off work for 4 days. I went back to work I was still in some pain but over the next 9 months it became severe.

I told my employer that something was going to have to be done for me. She contacted a workers comp nurse who arranged for me to see one of their great so called Doctor's in Indy. I had a MRI done went to PT several times nothing helped. By this time it was July 2000 the Dr up there in Indy gave me work restriction not to lift over 10 pounds, no repetitive lifting, twisting, or bending. No push or pull over 25 pounds, no climbing stairs.

Well the pain became so bad by then that I had to stop working also my job would not let me work with these restriction's . The Doctor for workers comp gave me a 5% impairment rating.

I asked the nurse for the WC if I could see a Dr. of my choosing and I was told that they would not pay for it which I find out later was a lie. So I settled for 5500 dollars and they paid my medical bills. Well now my back pain is so bad I can not work at all I am in constant pain 24-7. I can not do anything at all. So I think I got totally screwed by worker's comp.

I do have me an attorney helping me he is trying to see if he can get me another impairment rating. All I really want is my back fixed and to be able to go back to work and go to school.

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