Cervical Sprain At Work

I was injured on the job approx. 2 years ago and I am still fighting pain and as for the doctors they say I will have to live with it the rest of my life.

I am not working at this time because of daily pain and even though I have doctors restricting from working only 4 hr. a day. I have been fired from my job 3 times each time with a different stupid reason. They all relate to getting hurt on the job but you would not hear them say that.

Now that I am fired and no longer working there Workers Comp has refused to pay me the 4 hr. a day that they owe me they say that I am not longer working there so they don't need to pay. I cannot fined another job that will even hire me with the restrictions that I have and with an open Comp. claim. This is very upsetting to me and my family because there is no money coming in to pay bills etc. I did not ask to get hurt!

The first time I got fired was because they said I had not filled out leave papers. I had been on and off work for almost 1 year with this injury and all of sudden I need leave papers. The second time I followed their rules and had papers. I was under medication and had a reverse reaction and was to do anything but sleep so my husband called for me. I then met with them and they said they understood and believed what I was telling them. In exchange I had to sign a paper with a lot of extra rules. To me this didn't make sense since I had not done nothing wrong.

Then the third and last time I called and got the person in charge and they gave me there permission to bring papers in when I returned. Big mistake that was there little ploy to get rid of me for good. Coming out of there mouths I was costing they too much money. Who cares how you feel or what you are going through. These people don't care about you they just care about how much it is going to cost!

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