Rotator Cuff Tear After Falling At Work

I am from Massachusetts. I suffered a Complete rotator cuff tear, severe neck sprain, lower back sprain, 1 broken wrist and the other sprained. I also struck both knees when I fell, but had so many problems with the other areas. Idid not realize that damage

I could not lay down to sleep. I had to sleep propped up with pillows in a chair for months. So much chronic pain, it was awful. I had been an avid walker and could not get back to any amount of walking time. I was very weak and had numbness in right hand ,limited neck motions.

I could go on and on, but this is a system that abuses the injured worker - sets them up to look like they are liars and so many other faults with the system. It also abuses your civil rights as far as I can figure out. Lucky to find an honorable physician to treat you or an honorable lawyer that truly delivers all the help you need. (Is there one out there?)

The legislature is well aware of what goes on. The insurance co. just pockets the money, and any monies that go to the injured worker is considered as stolen from them. The insurance co. , here in Ma. is a quasi-state co..The judges ,lawyers sec.,stenographers.....those that follow you around the buildings they rent for "hearings" ( they are really calling them trials. i.e, the lawyers) are all paid out of these monies.

I live in a condo. There is an insurance co. owner here. He has told me that he is having a great time laughing at me. He also makes sure that I do not have a pleasant life here. He leaves for the day in his Jaguar, for such a hard day at work. After all, he must get to his desk and look at it, see how well the insurance investments are doing. Say hello to the secretary, make sure the fellow representing them in the State House is getting what they ask for, then off to golf or the ski lodge in the winter.

Again I could go on and on. I did not see these things as I had worked so hard all my life, but now I look about. What can be done about this? How can the truly permanently injured worker survive this system?

The police and fireman are not in this system. they receive full pay and benefits. Why not the same for the other wounded workers?

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