Chemical Exposure Job Injury

I work for a startup biotech / pharmaceutical company. After I few months I started to feel 'less than myself'.

I was a vibrant, active young woman who all of a sudden had severe headaches, decreased appetite, exhaustion, increased thirst, and hair loss.

I complained repeatedly about smelling chemical odors and about the fact that one lab was located 5 feet from the lobby (where I worked 8 hours a day.)

After going to 2 doctors I was diagnosed with chemical exposure and have been out of work since Halloween.

The workers compensation insurer (Liberty Mutual) has denied the claim based on further testing; well, it has been 6 weeks and Liberty Mutual hasn't done a damn thing. I am now out of work on an unpaid 'leave of absence'.

I am incensed at Liberty Mutual and their lack of concern for employees who are injured at work.

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