Mechanic Injured At Work

I was a hard working mechanic, working my way up into management. My life was without worry of financial hardship, and my family life was good. I had I what they call the American dream. That all changed the day I got hurt. I had worked my way up to a service manager job, and had a lot of knowledge in the automotive repair business.

I had started work at a Ford shop in April of 1987, and I fit in right away. The day I got hurt was June 6th 1987. I was working on a 96 Ranger pickup, setting the timing. I drove it in the shop and parked it in front of my work area. I asked a coworker to start the truck so I could check the timing. Instantly I was thrust against the work bench. I was in dismay at what just happened, and did not know the extent of my injuries.

I felt myself going into shock, and I seen the excited looks of the people in the shop. It seemed like hours before the truck was pulled away. I put out my right leg, and fell to the floor. My right leg would not hold my weight, as it snapped in half when the bumper hit me. I could not believe what had just happened. I pulled up my pant leg and was in horror at what I saw. The bone was sticking out from the skin, and my leg at the tibia was twisted.

I knew something happened to my left leg to. It was not broken, but later found out that the ligaments inside the knee tore in half. I was in the hospital for over a month, and had rigorous physical therapy. I felt so helpless. I went from caring for myself to being totally dependent on others. I do not remember that time anymore, and it brings back bad thoughts.

I have since had 12 surgeries. Been through a divorce after 24 years of marriage. The medication that I was on had a lot to do with it. I was not the same ever since. I have lost so many things since then. My family life is gone, my knew house is gone, my cars are gone.

I have not been able to work since the accident and when I tried, the pain was to bad, and was fired again and again. I finally had to accept that I could not go back to who I was anymore.

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