Head Injury At A Construction Work Site

Hi, my name is Ernest. I build bridges for a living. I had a physical before starting a new job and I was in excellent health. I have always been a hard worker and never been hurt on any job I have ever worked on. I have never drawn Work Comp, Unemployment, or been without a job.

I am a hard working man, go to work every day even when I feel bad and always have provided for my family. About 13 months ago I was working a new job and was down in a hole about 40 feet working when I heard someone say watch out.

The next thing I know I was hit on the head (wearing my hard hat) by a concrete hopper full of concrete that fell about 20 feet. After the accident happened no one even tried to help me I had to climb out of the hole the best I could and by the time I got down to the water where the boat was I passed out.

I was taken across the river to the office where I was hosed off with water to get all the concrete off of me. I then had to wait one hour before I was transported for medical treatment and it was not by ambulance, it was by my Supervisor in a company truck. I was taken to Urgent Care and was seen by one Dr., then I was being transported to a hospital for an MRI. My Supervisor, who was taking me to the Hospital passed three other hospitals along the way and then he decided to make a stop at Wendy's to get his lunch before I was taken to get treatment at the hospital.

I saw one Neurosurgeon who did not even look very long at my MRI's and then said he would send me to Physical Therapy. That did not help and when I went back to see my Dr. he said there was nothing wrong with me. I then went to a Neurosurgeon of my choice and he looked at my MRI, did a Mylogram and told me that I have a bulge in my C 6-7 disc and I was lucky to be alive. I am in constant pain all of the time and surgery was out of the question since the bulge was not touching the nerve my Neurosurgeon does not like to operate. I was released to work even though I was still in alot of pain.

I went to work at an old job and work getting my checks on time, getting my treatments, and my medications authorized by Work Comp. My wife works but that is not enough for us to survive. Since this accident my life has been turned upside down and my wife has had her car repossessed, the bills just keep piling up and we can't seem to keep our head above water.

I have had to hock things to keep food on the table and gas in the only vehicle I have and help pay the bills. I have had things turned off and then had to pay a reconnect fee to get them back, but Work Comp does not have to reimburse for that. I stay in constant pain all of the time, am depressed, feel less of a man, and the treatments are too far in between. A person can not get any relief. What do all of the people who have had on the job injuries have to go through before something is done with Work Comp. We did not ask to be hurt, but it seems like we are the ones who suffer.

I am going to fight back with everything I have and I hope those of you out there in my situation will do the same. Don't just sit down and take it.

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