Truck Driver Suffering A Herniated Disc

I have been driving a truck for about seven years now. Three and a half years at my present job. On January 7 2002 I fell out of the back of a trailer. I fell about four feet to the ground.

As a result I have a herniated disc. I have been under the doctors care every since the accident and have not received a dime from workers compensation.

I will probably have to be operated on to correct the problem. I am even getting doctor bills in the mail.

If I don't start getting paid soon , I am going to tap into my 401K.

This is my first time dealing with W/C and hope its the last. Its now been almost two months since I received my last paycheck from work and my wife is working and barely making enough to pay the bills.

I have hired an attorney to handle the case, but I can't get much out of him. Every time I call or go by his office, he gives me the run around.

I have been doing a lot of research on the internet , to try and find out if there is a time limit on when I receive my first check.

Well that's my story, I hope I didn't bore you to much.

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