Slipped At Work Due To Food Spill

The accident was in 1995. As leaving, right outside of the doors, I did the splits. The left leg bent under me and the right leg went forward. I was sitting in brown gravy. One of restaurants had spilt the gravy and didn't clean it up.

I developed blood clots in my both my legs, the majority of the damage was sustained in the left leg. Till this date, I am still fighting and trying to work with the worker's comp.

The first four years the insurance company did pay for parts of the necessary medical treatment. Some I paid for to speed up medical treatment, with the understanding that I was suppose to have been paid back. This was never the case.

I am to the point now that I am in a wheelchair from the damage sustained from the fall. I am still in the courts and fighting for my rights and medical care, of which I do not have any now that I can not work.

I have been approved for SSD, but w/c is responsible for this. That accident put me in this situation. Now I am having to fight for my rights.

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