Cervical And Lumbar Injury After Falling From A Ladder

I was injured on the job on 09-12-03. I fell off a ladder that was to short to do the job I ask my foreman for a taller ladder and he told me to make do with what I had because that the job had to be done. I am an electrician and have been working construction for over 20years and have never ever seen a company with such disregard for safety and their employees.

As a result of my fall I sustained cervical and lumbar injuries which require surgery. I have been seen by two doctors and both concur. At first the insurance company was paying for everything and sending me weekly compensation checks. They also had approved my surgery.

Then and friend of mine was injured on a different job and he filed a workers compensation claim this friend was also a witness to my on the job accident. When he filed his claim the insurance company denied my claiming after further investigation 8 weeks later they claimed that I had committed fraud in my application and did not sustain an injury as defined by South Carolina law. So I hired an attorney and he set up a deposition the deposition proved that I did sustain an on the job injury and there was no fraud in my application.

They are still denying my claim based on what I don't have any clue. I fired my attorney and I called the insurance company adjuster and she said she would be making a decision on her position regarding my claim. I have a hearing set for march if my claim is not stared back before then I will obtain a new attorney one who has experience in construction accidents because the company violated just about every osha standard they have.

I am in a lot of pain and unable to work and about to become homeless also lose my car. This has been a nightmare one that will never forget. I just don't understand how the insurance companies are allowed to do sort of thing to honest hard working people my supervisor stated in the deposition that I was one of his best workers.

The company that I worked for said that me and my friend were committing fraud I don't understand he was inured on another job but he was also a witness to my accident and when he told what he saw the truth the insurance company stopped his claim as well.

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