Crushed Hand And Head Injury At Industrial Work Site

In November, 2000, my husband was injured on the job, where he had trolleys that weighed 80lbs. A piece and were 18 feet in the air when they fell on him. he suffered a fracture in his right hand, where he had to have a metal plate and screws put in, and has daily headaches. he was release to go back to work a month after he had surgery on his hand, and was restricted to no use of right hand.

He was seeing his specialist and also upon request from workers compensation was also seeing their doctor. they increased his lifting restrictions within a 3 month period up to 50 lbs., which in April, 2001, he suffered a non-union where his bone had split apart. he is also still seeing a neuropsycholgist along with a neurologist, in which these two have recommended him not to return work. but workers compensation has only taken into consideration what his hand doctor has had to say.

He is still at no use of right hand except for everyday use. in june, 2001 his employer had moved the company to Canada, upon which he reapplied for benefits, but was denied. when we appealed workers compensation came back with a settlement offer of $10,000 to end this claim, because they don't feel they should be held responsible for this accident even though they accepted the claim.

Needless to say we refused the settlement offer and have been fighting with them to receive the benefits that he deserves. he can't find a job where the employer is willing to hire me with my restrictions. if it wasn't for them they would have hired him on the spot. we have taken it to the office of independent of review, which is a off-site of worker's compensation. how they put it is if they are not able to persuade workers compensation to change their decision then we will be forced to hire an attorney.

The state of North Dakota worker's compensation needs to be changed to protect our workers, not the employer. where do we go next?

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