Typing Injuries to a Worker's Arm, Hand and Wrist

I mistakenly believed that Worker's Compensation Insurance was a benefit available to me to assist me if I ever became injured throughout the course of my work.

Unfortunately, while suffering several repetitive strain injuries to my hands ands wrists, I have found worker's comp to be the exact opposite.

Worker's comp insurance has interfered with my recieving the best care possible.

Had I known how intrusive and frankly, incompetent dealing with "rehab" nurses would be, I would have taken my chances and lied to make my injuries appear non-work related.

Amazing as it is to say, I bet that dealing with Social Security disability would be more effective than worker's comp.

In addition to the pain, stress, and depression of dealing with injuries to my hands, I find it incredibly disheartening that my care has become the least important issue here.

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