Back Injured While Working At A Car Dealership

I was working for a car dealership as a lot attendant. I was injured when i was told to put a transmission in a 3 ton truck. I had no training or qualified. I was injured when the transmission fell off the jack and tried to stop it from falling on a co worker.

The jack that was used was only a floor jack. It was not the proper jack to be used, and the company did not have one the two guys that was with me was not qualified either. I had to have back surgery done, and never worked since it has been three years now.

Still workers comp is giving me a hard time. They say they don't pay for pain, and are trying to cut me off my benefits.

It was the company's negligence, for not having proper tools. I was only making 8.20 per hour and a mechanic makes 20.00 per hour. The company charges 60.00 per hour for labor.

My nerve's are really bad worries about financial problems. I have 4 children to support and its not easy.

I feel short changed so workers beware you never know until it happens to you.

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