Difficulty Getting Treatment for Lower Back and Hip Work Injury

I'm an injured worker that sustain a lower back and hip injury at my job back in June of 2000. I was taken to the company doctor were they failed to diagnose my fractured left femur neck in my hip and also the ruptured disc in my L-5/S-1 for over 9 months.

I then seeked a doctor outside the panel of listed doctors and was immediately diagnosed. The doctor seemed to be very knowledgeable and I had surgery preformed on my back. My employer has fought with me every step of the way and I continue to be in and out of work.

Most recently this past February and have not yet received any compensation from my employers insurance carrier because I reinjured myself at home, and they are denying me proper compensation because they claim that it is not work related, even though it is a reoccurring, chronic and debilitating injury.

Sometimes you just want to give up, everyone and everything seems stacked up against you. Employers, insurance carriers, the adjusters, and so on.

Before the injury I was a very active person, ever since the pain, the stress and constant battles drains even the strongest people.

Very Frustrated!

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