Truck Driver Severely Injured On The Job

A true story of a man's dream turning into a nightmare.

This story is about a kids dream to be a semi trucker. That right I want to drive for a long time, but could not afford it. I had some picture up on the wall. I tried to get into when I got out of high school. But could not get into the program to drive the trucks. So I did all other type of work.

This story has to do with schooling, me, a big trucking company (WERNER). Plus their workers comp. department. Plus some of DOT law for truckers. Plus how they fire people on workers comp. First off I’m only 39 years old. Last year I made my dreams come true. Then about 2 months later it turn into a night mire. I fell on snow and ice. Waiting for Werner to make up there minds. Now I seat with a t-12 fracture that is now 75% gone.

I have to live with it for the rest of my live. It will take some time on reading it all. So seat back or go out side under the sun and read this. Last year thing was not going good. So I was looking around. Then I saw a add in the paper for a school. That will teach you to drive the class A rigs. Then was hired to drive. Plus the training I had to go thru was a night mire too. I almost lost my live in a truck with a trainer. He jackknife it. There is differed part to this story. Story will not be truly done Intel I go to court.

I WHAT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR STOP WHAT YOU WHERE DOING TO READ THIS. I NOW SOME PEOPLE ARE BUSY. WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL. PLEASE WHEN YOU GET DONE READING IT LET ME NOW, WHAT YOU THINK. For all that matter name of school or other will not be name. The only name you will see is the trucking company that does not care about their drivers. This story was written by the driver who fell. He want to let all trucker now about this and the law for trucker if you are a over the road driver. Thank you all in read this story it is from:

Table of Contents

Learning To Drive

Last year thing where not doing good. I was looking around. My dream was to drive class A trucks. Then one day I saw a add in the paper. It took me couple of days before I call. Then one day I call them to see. Got a time for the next day. I was there for about a hour. The sale lady was very nice and told me about the school. She made couple of calls, then told me I was approved. I was happy. They had 3 courses. I took the 18 week course so I could keep working, so I had some money in. This course was 10 weeks in a class room. That was 4 hours a night for 10 weeks. Then 8 week on the course to drive and learn all of the truck. Witch I took the weekend course. That was Saturday and Sunday for 8 hour a day. I stayed working during the week. The teacher was nice. Show us all about the truck and if we wanted to we could come in early some days he would help the people that show up. Then I did the 8 weekend on the road. The first 2 weekends here at the school then they took you out to a place that was 5 to 8 miles long and straight. That where you learn to sift the gears. And get use to the truck.

All the people at that time where nice. In my class of 4 people I finish good, or on top. The only bad thing about on the road training was their trucks keep breaking down. Their week they had a difference truck. So you got use to one. Then the next week it was not there you had to get use to another one. To me and other drivers that was a waste of time. What we learn the week before was not the same the next week. Wait, I got lucky I had the same trainer for my last 6 weeks. And the same truck. Then the week before I was test they but me in the rental truck. It was total different from the other trucks. It took me all day to get use to it. Plus a difference trainer she gave me a bad grade for the day. I did not like that. I was not going to let her get to me. I only had a week to finish. I was going to finish on top. The last week I had to go in with all the other people to sign last minute paper work. The people and manager of the site, told us, “ if we had any problems to call them.” Does no good. I call them and written to them about my stuff. Gotten no answer back. They call this help. Over all the school was nice. I can go back to in couple of years to relearn 1 the laws. I like that plan too. Plus the school where not just in that state. I could go to any school up date the laws. But now after I see want they care about you. After you finish they care about you is 0. During the class we had to pick 4 companies. With in the first 2 weeks all my came back as pre-hires. Then when I finish my weeks. I had a plain ticket waiting. Now I was on the road of coming a professional truck driver, with class A license. For a long time to come. My dream was coming true. I was going to drive the trucks.

Picking a Company

During school I pick 3 company to see if they will hire me. All 3 came back as pre- approved jobs. I could not make up my mind, it took a couple of week before I choose the company. I first pick another company. Werner was the second company. I went to this other company first. I did my 3 day in a class room then, when out into the field. Also with this company you are in class for 3 days, but get paid for two. Plus there dinner close at 4:00 PM. You get out of class at 3:30 OR 3:45 Then on weekend it close early. Me and other driver add to walk 2 or 3 mile to another trucking company to eat. There was a company driver, but he would only drive when he want too. Where dinner was bigger stayed open longer. Some of us was wearing our trucking company t-shirt, into this other trucking company. With this company I went thru 2 trainers. Lots of code problems. Most of the classroom and trucks and term where good. But the motel that was theirs was a joke. It was like a jail. The room was only 8 by 8. With a bunk bed. The stairs to the top where 1 inch steel metal. In the winter the metal was ice cold with no socks on. The first trainer was making me do all the work the first week and days. On the first run I did my 8 hour then I went to sleep. When we got where we need to go. I had to get out of the sleeper and help push off the pallets while I was on a differences line. Then on the next run, he tried to threw me off his truck. After the cop show up he change is mind. Then he drop me off in a truck stop in NV. Plus when he was driving for 15 hour straight. Breaking dot laws.

The company only took him off training for a week. I think that was unfair. The last 2 trainer was good. But, .......... he show me the ropes then about 2 week in he told me and show me how to run 2 log book. Show me all the way to run straight or ......We where back east, when my time was up. So I had to stay with him. So I finish my time plus another 20 to 30 hour more. The trainer did not want to drop me off. We where pass the main term, so he drop me off and pick up a new student. The next day I was going to test out. After I did every thing they want me to do. They told me I could not drive their trucks. I was mad after wasting a month with them I could not drive for them. I had One small problem I had to fix. But they did not care. Also one of the trainer show me how to make 2 copies of logs. Plus he ran with two set of book. Plus show me is second set of log from the year before. He keep them, just if they tried to get me. Also his fleet manager new about this run to. The day I was leaving, I ask her she denied about this run. I hold her I had the prove. But she did not care about it!! Here is about 5 trucker that ran haz mat. With out a haz mat on there lic. Why should I try to stay here if they want driver to run dirty......... I had to find my way back home. When I got home I call the school back up. Told them what happen. Then ask if I could try my second choose. They call first. And said yes. Then I call them set up a time when I would be come down. They where nice paid for my buss ticket. I then went thru another 3 days of class work. But only got paid for 2 days. Plus had to redo my health card. This make it 3 times.

I was told that my health card was good, before I went down there. But, with Werner it as to be with their doctors. No but’s!!!! then I sat in a motel for couple of days. In this motel they only had one restaurant next door. The price where high. The only other was a small gas station. All other food place was over 2 mile away had no driver to take us to eat. The motel was nice had no problem with them. The only thing was we had to stay in the rooms during the day so they could find us. Then a trainer call me. The first trainer had time off over a holiday so I drove with him for about 4 days then I seat in a motel for a week while, he was home with family. He put me in a very nice motel that had breakfast and a small frig. And oven in the room. But a store was 3.5 mile down the road. Then came back to get me. I stay with him for about 5 days. Then we stop at a truck stop for a break. Next door was a term of ours. I walk over to them ask them a question, they ask me to get off the truck. I walk back to the truck and the driver took me to the motel. I got off. All I can say he broke a DOT code and a company main law.(TOP BUNK W/ TRUCK MOVING)! THEN I seat in a motel for 4 days. Then another driver pick me up. I drove with him for about 2 weeks. Then one day I was rest in back watching TV. I was redo my 70 hour clock, per driver. He open the drape and watch TV while driving down the road. Plus was talking to a friend on 3 the phone at the same time. Plus almost hit a car.

When we stop for fuel I use the phone. Told them I did not feel safe with a driver watch TV. And talking on the phone. Plus his driver did some other illegal stuff. I could have filed a claim against him. But I just want off. they told me I had to finish the run first. I told them ok. When I got back into the truck and told the driver I was get off he truck. He hate me from that point on. But, he call in some how got the ok. to go back about 40 mile to a term. I got there I got into a room then when the next day to file out the paper work. NOTE: the driver should been home with his wife. Not driving at this time. She was in a hospital. So his mind was on her not his job. Also he broke DOT laws too. Now they where think I was the problem. I keep tell them and show them I was not. I seat back in the same motel for only 2 days this time. I load my stuff into my 3 truck or 3 trainer. Note: I was get to learn to drive all kinds of trucks. So I had to start all over each time a start with a trainer. When I finish with them I learn about most of there trucks. Now I was with the 3 trainer I hope this will be the last time. Wrong I had to get off again, why!!? please read on. Wait to hear what this trainer tried to do to me. All because he was Tring to get home for the for Christmas to be with his girl. We start off for the first couple of days it was ok. Look like this was going to be my last trainer. Unless Werner fleet manager want me to stay in Omaha, NE.

Because my trainer was going to talk a week off, for Christmas. We drove all over the east coast. Then they add a run to him that was going in a difference way. Made him mad. The only way he could get home was to run hard and fast. He where doing good. Then this area we had to go threw a snow storm. Will what happen? He did his time then I drove my time. During my time he did not sleep that much. So when it was his turn to drive he was still tried. He said he was ok to drive. By the way this was about 11:00 PM. When he start to drive. The storm was come in more. He did not want to stop for the night. We where one day ahead of dropping off the trailer. I was sleeping in the back. Then he said, “ he was stopping for a minute. So if I need out it was time to get something or...” I said, “ I was good.” I got up for couple of minutes while he was inside. He can back, got into the truck and started off. I could see it in his eyes he was tried. But he want to drive. O.K. hang no here it comes. He start off got back onto the highway. Let you all now it was snowing out and the roads where bad. (Black ice was out)The got onto the highway, then I got back into the sleeper. I was look at the map to see where we where at. Then I turn off the 4 light was going back to sleep. Then out of the blue he said, “ oh now it broken free” I got up look out the front. The truck was float down the road. All I could see was the dirt or snow between the roads. He loss grip. We where going down the highway at a 45 or more. Then the truck hit snow and we went into the middle of the road. All I can say is my three trainer jackknife the truck and almost kill me. If I was asleep good. I would have been thru threw the cab or the window. But I hear him so I hang to the front seat and the bunk. If I stay in the bunk I would of gotten hurt. We end up in the middle of the road. With the cab broken from frame and the driver side cave in. He took a minute. Then the look thing over. All the wheel where good so he said I’m going to try to move this truck.

Took him could of times then he got the truck moving. When he started, he was going back the other way. He drove about a mile back to a rest area. That when he call it in. The tow truck was busy on other calls so we had to sleep in the truck. Morning came around we call again they said the tow truck will be there in a hour. Had to send two trucks for us. One for the trailer then one for the tractor. They took us to a small town about 30 min the way we where going. After we sign in they look at the truck they had to call it in. Was going to take about a day before they could fix it. They had a driver take us to a motel down the street. While we where waiting I call my student manger told her. She was not happy. I told her that the driver push it to the limit. The next day the truck was ready to drive back with out a trailer. The cab was hold down by wires and a chain. Then his fleet manger told us to take a trailer. We had to call him 3 time before he could get the picture that the truck was not in full running parts. They want to fix the truck aback in Omaha. I had to seat in a motel again for Christmas weekend. That Monday I had a new trainer. I finish my last 27 hour with him. Werner would not let me finish with the hour I add. That this point I add the hour to test out. But I change driver to may times so I had to all the hours. I did my hour then that Thursday I test out. But the people who sign the trucks out took a 4 day weekend. So I had to go back to the motel for the new years weekend. Waiting again!!!!

Testing Out

After my 4 trainer I could test out. My trainer call his fleet trainer and ask if I could test out 5 hour sooner. They said yes, so he drop me off on Thursday after- noon. I took my paper work out to the window found my student manger there she gave me the paper work for test out. I did all my test on Thursday. By then it was 6:00 PM. And all other people have lift for the day. The test person told me to come back on tomorrow and get my truck. But on Friday they all took off. So I spent another holiday weekend in a motel. How is has made it 3 holiday weekends in a motel. Could not go home to see family. It was going too take about 2 more week before I get home. How is make it about 3 months of training. Also when I sign up for Werner they had at the time a $500.00 bonus for the drivers. But after I finish my training they told me I do not get it. I was a quad. driver in training again. So I do not get the money. But I had to do 7 weeks of training. Does not make any sense. I got ..........

Driving And My Dream Come True

It’s Monday and I can final go get a truck. I turn in all paper work then was told I had to wait Intel noon that when they sign out trucks. There was a line of drivers waiting for trucks. The truck they assign to me need some work I had to wait a day while they fix the truck. Then the next afternoon I got snow in. Was on the road the next day early. I was one of the lucky ones I had a truck with a generator on it. That no leaving the truck on at night times. I like it and it was my long nose truck as I dream of. Put the only thing it was yellow. Made it easy for me to find it in a truck stops. Also I pick the 11 western states for my running. But my fleet manager was trying to make me run 48 state.

6 The first couple of runs I was get used to truck, and the roads. Now my dream was come true I’m driving the big rigs. Before I leave the term I had most of my truck with all my goods. The first two months was good. I did not like wait or seating in shippers yard for 24 hours because my fleet manager did now where to send me. Or just want me to wait to see if they could make me made and I will quit. Did not work. I just stayed with it. They was couple of times that he sent me back east. When there was trailer there going west. I was out there having fun driving up or down the highway. Plus driving all difference times of day. Then I had some time come to me. So I planned to go to Las Vegas to pack my stuff. I need to move it all together and get some ready to move to Chico, CA. There was going to be my time off place. I call and mad plans and got motel room read for me. I had no apartment any more. When I was going there school I made my mind up to close out my apartment. Why should I pay for a apartment when I was only going to see it once a month. Then it was going to be only about 3 days. I was in Omaha, NE. my fleet manager send me back east first.

Then mess up gave me the wrong routing to shipper. Then it start to put me behind in time. Then he gave me a run out to Washington, and told me I could spilt it when I got close to the west. He forgot and went home for the weekend. I was Tring with night shift but with night shift. Night shift does not care they only want to see the load get deliver early. Now for the fun part my dream come to a end. And a 7 month waiting period. Will I get well or??................. You see I was going west out to Washington with a load. I drove for my hour that day. I pull in to this small truck stop right on the state line of North Dakota. I park then ask the night shift if they found any driver so I could get home. They came back still Tring. But it will be beat tomorrow when I was in the next state. I saw couple of other Werner trucks pull in for the night. One even park right next to me. I was falling asleep that when my computer in the truck went off. I got up to look at it. They said, “ there is a truck in your truck stop that, will spilt the load with you.” It was the truck park next to me. I told the driver we will spilt in the morning. That way it will not mess up our hours. He said, “ O.K.!” the next morning I was up early. I unlock my trailer go it ready to swap. Then I help him with his trailer. We swap paper work. I ask him if he had a scale ticket. He told me, “ NO I ROLL OVER A SCALE AT SHIPPER, AND IT READ GOOD.” RIGHT??

Well this small truck stop had no truck scale. He told me he has drove from one end of the state to the other one. Had no problem with the load. So I took his word that it was legal, it was not over weight. I went in and got a drink for the road. I ask in side if they new if the dot scale where open . They told me that one was under work and the other one was close too. They think!! I got out there on the highway look for a scale. My scale book only saw one in Billing’s, MT. I was hoping to find one close to check. I found a truck stop, but no scale. I found out later that in North Dakota there was only one scale. He mess that scale. I got down to Billing’s, MT. I pull into his truck stop and found the scale. Pull onto the scale, then call them on C.B. after they scale it. I park it and when in. That when I saw the ticket, the trailer was over weight. The scale ticket read, the gross weight was 77360 lbs. O.K. that not bad of a weight. RIGHT? Here was it over at? Then the steers where 10840 lbs. That not had either. The drive on the truck was 29920 lbs. That not bad either. Wait one minute if the steers and the drive where good then the tandems should be good too. Wrong!! The tandems read 36,600 lbs. Over weight. That was 2,600 lbs. Over. So I go look at where my tandems. I see I can move them back more. So I move them all the way back. Then hope on the scale. I did my stuff then park it. Got the ticket and it was still over wight. This time the steers where 10500 lbs. And the drive where 3200 lbs. Ok maybe the tandems are good too. Wrong the tandem where 34460 lbs. Over weight still. Only on the tandems. On this highway the dot was out and look for trucks. It was all over the C.B. But wait, here his the other driver that I swap with. I walk up to him, he say I now you. Oh your that driver I swap with. Then I ask him again about the weight on the trailer. He said, “ I ROLL OVER A SCALE AT SHIPPER. BUT DID NOT STOP ON IT.” then I show him the tickets. Guess what he did, he ran out and hop into his truck so fast that he was gone in a minute. He was on the road. I could not give it back to him. Oh! by the way the first weight was for CA. Bridge law. The trailer had to go into CA. Also I do not drive or take a over weight trailer. My fleet manager has try to give me over weight trailer, I turn him down. If that truck stop had a scale I found out that it was over weight I would have drop it back there. As soon as he took off I call and e-mail them that the other driver was here and taking off.

The fleet manager on duty did not care told me that the trailer was mind and I had to drive it. I told him I was not driving it. So I seat in that truck stop for the weekend. On Sunday I found out by another driver we had a drop yard their in Billing’s. Then I look it up. It was only 2 miles up the road. It was before I get to the dot scale. Is this fare?? I say NO WAY!! So for two day I was stuck in this truck stop. Then they want me to hand move the stuff in the back. I told them if they had 2 days I could and a lot of money. But they did not want to pay for it. Sunday evening all the trucker said it was going to snow the next morning. I told them no way it was to nice out. I fell asleep then the next morning I wake up had found snow on the ground. Well I guess the other truckers where right. I did what I had to do. I slow and carefully drove over to the yard. When I got there they where still close. So I waited for them to get there. Hang on to some thing. Here it come my night mare. They should up I go and ask them if they could do it. They said, “ they would try. They had to see what us in it first.” They ask me to go out back and back it up to the fare dock. All the other docks where going to get busy. So I got and start to back up. I get out and open the doors, then finish backing up. Got out to watch them and see why all the weight was on the back end. The hole back in was double stack and side by side. The only thing that was not double stack was the 8 pallets in front. That weight was only about 800 lbs. All the other 35000 lbs where seat on the tandems. It took them awhile to do it. O.K. they their done I paid them for it. Then went pull up the truck so I could close the door and relock it. Then I need to fix the tandems to put the back into CA. Bridge law. So I unlock the wheels. I got back up in the truck and push the wheel. When I got out to look the wheels. I lock the wheel and check the trailer for the last time. When I was walking to the back. The ground was get smoothed. I was walking careful. Then I had to walk more on the snow, the ice was getting very icily. That when I lost my footing I land hard and fast on the snow and ice. I went down to fast. It took me a minute before I could ask for help. I had to yell for help. When another truck hear my yelling and came to my help. I told him I fell and could not move my back. He ask the yard guy to call 911. I was taken to a hospital about 3 miles away. While there goes my dream. But my dream did come true for 2 months. I hope it will come back to me.

Werner Policy and DOT Policy

Werner policy is any trailer over 20,000 lbs must be weight. If a trailer is not weight first here at the shipper place, or a truck stop. Then it is the driver problem. Wait is the driver who get the load to check it. Then why did I get stuck with it?? I both hand book and in class they tell you it. Plus in the state dot hand book it say all driver must weight there trailer. I did that as soon as I found a truck stop. They tell me it my fault for not weight it at he truck stop here I pick it up. I told them look in a cat scale book tell me there was a scale there. They could not come back with answers. Plus a ticket will go on your record for over weight trailer. Now Werner did as they will pay for the ticket. But you have to wait 6 months for your money. See you have to pay for it first, then send in a letter why you should get paid for it. That right you pay for the ticket then you may get the money back. ( I work in the safety area and over hear phone calls.) Also I have e-mail Werner question about overweight trailer they all come back saying all trailer over 20,000 lbs. Must be weight. Or the driver pays for the ticket. But wait I swap trailer. The other driver how pick up the trailer need to weight it. Also during your first 90 days you must stay with your fleet manager. He will try to make you break all laws.

Billings MT and Parents Coming To Get Me

My dream is gone for now. I’m laying on a table in a hospital in Billing’s MT. They only took x-ray of lower back the should of redo the x-rays so they could look up to the middle of the back. I spend all day in the hospital and all they could say, “ your back is not broken. But had a bad praise it will take time for it to go away.” Then they told me, “ I could not stay there for the night. The where for sick people, I had a back problem and could not walk to good. Sorry you need to go to the motel across the street for the night.” 10 I could not put my shoe on the nurse had to do it. They gave me some pills to go get, I had to go to the second floor to get the pills. Then I had to pay for them. Then walk back down and out of the hospital. Then walk 15 to 20 minute to a motel to get a room. The next day I return to the hospital for a check up. He what to see me on Friday. They still say on broken bones. So for one week I stay in a motel room. Waiting!! The food or stores where one to two blocks away. The only thing was a small bar at the motel. But the price where high, and it was upstairs. So that I had to walk upstair. That was hurting me. I did what I could to get well, but the walking and other running around was not good. Also the first night in the motel I get a call from fleet saying they need in my truck so they could take the trailer. And that I walk off the job. I told the lady want happen she told me to stay put for now. Then about a hour later another person calls me. Say’s, “ the driver need in my truck tonight. They had the O.K. But the driver did not what to go into my truck with out me. So I had to find away too get down there. I call a cab.

By the time I got there no one was there. I was a was of time. Plus my back was not feeling good get in and out of a car. The next morning they call again. I told the new person what happen. My fleet manager put on the screen that I walk. Then I told them to call my doctor. He set them straight. I told the person on the phone that I would call a cab again. Because the driver did not what to go into my truck. So I had to pay for cabs. On Thurs. I when to get my truck. Also found a rock that was about 5-6 inch. In the area where I fell. If I could bend over I would pick it up. In the mine time I call my parent the day I fell, when I was in the hospital. And the whole week keep talking to them. Then on Friday. The day the doctor let me go. My fleet manager gave me another load to pick up and bring to Omaha. That when my back when out again. All I could do was driver about 20 miles down the road. Then my back was hurt to much to drive. So I pull in and park. Then while I was laying on my back I call Werner told them I could not drive. Could I bobtail back to Omaha. They say no!! But other could do it. But I’m new so I could not drive there. I must take a load.

While Werner was think what too do. I call my parent told them what was up. Ask if they what to come get me. My mom talk to my dad. Then they call me back said, “ yes they would they did not what me to loss al my stuff.” Werner want me to get on a bus and come back to Omaha. Leave my stuff behind. My mom said it will take couple of days to get to me. So I call Werner, told them what was up. And if it was ok. They had no problem with my parent to come and get me. I could stay in the truck Intel they got here. O.K. I stay in this truck stop for the night. The mid morning I drove back to the other truck stop. That where I waited for my parents to come and get me, plus my stuff. That Monday they show up at the truck stop. Then they follow me to Werner drop yard. That where they help me unload the truck. Then I took them back to the motel for the night. The next morning we had breakfast then took off. Start to Omaha, NE. where on the road for a day and a half. I was in NE. I was hoping to get help!!

Getting Well in Omaha

Well my back I hurt good now. But I’m in Omaha, NE. and parent still with me. The day I got to Omaha it was early and they call to see if I could get into the doctor today. They call me back, told “me I had appointment that afternoon. I ask for a cab. They came I went to the appointment. This doctor did 0 told me I need physical therapy. Right out of the blue. He did not want any x-ray to check to make sure there was no broken bones. Then I when back to the motel and went out to dinner with my parents. They stay for a day then started back home. Before they left they but all my stuff in room. I told them what the doctor told me. I will be up and running in a couple of weeks. Couple of week turn into, 7 months and I’m still wait to get fix.!!!!! So they left all my stuff there with me. Then they took off will I was working at the term. When I went to the term the next morning to check in told them what the doctor told me. They put me no little duty. I was help the log deportment out. I had to work 8 hour a day, unless I was see a doctor. WHAT 8 HOUR A DAY THAT FULL TIME WORK??

When I check in with my supervise he told me that I was get paid for 8 hour a day. I did not have to work 8 hour a day. 12 Wait, then they where day I tried to go home early, sorry you must work the full 8 hour. His does not make any sense at all. So I work 8 hour a day unless I was out see a doctor. This feel like full time work to me. After the first week on the pills the doctor gave me. I broke out in a rash. First he told, “ stop the pills. He gave me a shot. To see if rash will go away.” I when back couple of day later like the doctor want me to do. The rash was still here so I took extra strength Tylenol for a week, like the doctor want me to. Also go see these skin doctor about the rash. To see want he thinks. All he did was gave me some lotion. That help some, but as not stop my rash. I ask could you test it. Well I could but it take time. You my go back onto the road before the test is done. I told me I will wait but he did not what to do it. So for now I seat with a big red rash on my stomach. After about 3 week and the therapy was not helping me. The doctor say stop therapy let do a MRI. X-ray. So they call made a appointment for me. I went to it. Also in the mine time I was trying to get my x-rays from BILLING’S. I went back to the doctor the next week. The doctor told me, “ I had a t-12 compression fracture. His word where like I had a space in my back. It should drop back into place. He told me it should go back into place by it self. But wait it get worst from here. I ask, “ can I see the MRI he told he did not have it. What no x-rays!”

Then who do you now what wrong with my back. It’s the report I get. So he goes off report. I ask him can I see them, will I will ask for them. They will be here next Friday for you. Plus I can see them too. During the week I got my x-rays form Billing’s MT. So I took them in that Friday. Will he walk into the room, are these the x-rays, I said yes. He pull them out look at them in front of a light. Them he but them down on the table. Says, “ yes this does not show your fracture.” you have a T12 fracture. But it is only a hair line crack. It will heel in time. I ask him about how long. He says, “ about a month or 2. But go see this back doctor and get a brace to help the bone from not moving to much. Lucky got the same day. I got a brace to wear to help my back. From that day on I have been wearing the brace. Now the brace is wear out, I need a new one but I can not get one. Of Werner denied me. The I told Werner worker comp want the doctor said, “ MY BACK WILL TAKE UP TO 3 MONTHS TO HEAL RIGHT!! FROM THAT POINT ON WORK COMP DID NOT LIKE ME. Will you work you get time off. I want to go to Las Vegas to try to get my stuff together. Like I was going to do when I got home from my time off for driving the truck. I was look to be back here for a long period of time. So in April I started 13 to plan on going home at the end of the month. Then the log and part of the safety need my help on the quarter logs. These are the one that send to your home. So I stay another week first. This was a miss take. Then I left to NV.

But did the worker comp people care NO!! To them it was the time to say good bye!! Also the gave me two tic- kets. Not one ticket. Now I have been back here for about 2 months. I need time away from the term and Werner. So I stayed that week then the that next Saturday I got on a bus to Las Vegas. That they paid for, to and from. So that week I found a storage unit to put all my stuff in. I had all my stuff from the truck in my room. Two lady from the part-time work at Werner. Help me move my stuff down to the storage unit. So by Friday all I had was my 2 bags for the bus. Then on Saturday I was on the bus to Las Vegas. Yes, I got some time off. When I go back I was going to work all the way thru. By the way Werner still owe me 2 days of time off. I got out to Las Vegas I was there for about 4 days. Then it was time to go back to Omaha, NE. Then I got down to the bus term, to pick up my ticket. I had to be at the bus term at midnight. When I got up to the window the ticket was cancel. I ask why, “ Werner has Cancel it, we do not now.” on the other hand I had no place to go to. So I paid for the ticket back to Omaha. Plus I still had stuff in a unit there. I though that they miss up on the ticket or the credit card did not go thru. Will I was wrong.

That next day, when I was half the way back. I call Werner to see what was up. Then they said, “ some came up we have to look into it.” I said, “ look into what.” Something wrong where you stay at. So we cancel the ticket. Then I told them why did you call me. We do not call people!!!! What you don’t call people but we have to call you. This does not make any sense to me. Then I told him I was half the way back to them. He told me, “ come straight to the term. Do not go to the motel.” So the next day Werner paid for a cab from the motel to the term. Hat when the told he I could not work for them any more. I did damages to a room. I ask for picture or prove I did it. All they had was a type letter. It did not look like it was from the motel. It was on plain paper. I had to get my stuff from the term get off the grounds. I had to pay for a room for two days. My train ticket was not for the next night. Put Werner did pay for the cab to the doctor one last time. So I could get my records of want I have been thru. Plus I use they van to run couple of stops. Also they told me, “ do not worry about worker comp out there. We will pay for the doctors.” So they term. me for damage that they can not prove. Is this fare. That one reason this letter or story is get done. To let other driver now. And I’m not talking about Werner driver only. All over the road drivers too. Your worker COMP is the same. 14

So I paid for the train, Werner only pays for buss. The train was about the same price. Plus the train you do not have to get off at stops. With the buss, you have to get off and watch your bags to. Then you have to wait for hour. Then a new bus driver will come in and take you to another buss stop. All day Saturday and Sunday or Intel noon on Sun that when I got into Sacto., CA. Wait when I was going to NV. I could get out there any way I want too. They would pay me the price of the bus ticket. Wait why can’t they do the same if you get fire. No they will only pay for the bus. What’s up with this?? Plus my ticket back to Omaha was cheaper then there ticket..!! ?? Why??

In California Trying To Get Help, Plus Parents At Home

OK. It is Sunday after I’m off the train looking for parents. I still had a hour plus drive to home. Train was good, but food price where high. That Monday I started to look for doctor. All doctor out in CA. Need to hear from my other doctor first. I call worker comp ask for there help too. I had him to call this doctor, then he call my old doctor. They need to hear from that doctor plus to get my records. After about 2 week in pain and with no pills. I get a appointment. Then that morning I was out I get a call on my cell phone, but I left the phone home. It was a call from a nurse case worker here in Chico. But I did not see her Intel I was at the doctor appointment. She told me she was on my case. Plus had to go into the room. I was not happy about his, but at that time I did not on the law on case workers. The doctor did tell me the true about my back. After 3 months in pain a good doctor told me my back is now 75% gone. He only help people with 5 to 15% of a back problem. Plus he could not give me any pills.

15 told me and the case worker who could help. While I was waiting I started to look around found out some stuff on the law for worker comp. This is the first time I had to filling a claim with the claim board for worker comp.. Then I was get on where with the case worker. She was not doing her job. It took me another month before. They gave me the new appointment for the other doctor. Either she or Werner was lying about paper work. For one week I had to stay on top of them both. Then one day Werner told me that she will not turn in the paper work about the doctors. Then I got thru to her. Told her what Werner told me. Next ting I new I had the ok. To see the back doctor. But I had no main doctor for pills. Now it has been over a month with out any pills. She was not making any call. Then I ask my lawyer he told me I need to do it. So I started to call. I got a main doctor and a only had to wait for 3 week to see him. He was glad to help me out and bill Werner worker comp for the bill. On the mine time I was waiting for a green light from the other doctor about the doctor that was going to inject concert into my back. The only other choose was to cut me open, I ready do not what to do that. So I’m seating and waiting for the OK. They thing was ok now I have 2 doctors pills and a back that was not kill me. The pill are kill the pain. Then I had to get more pills. I see the doctor first then go to the store to fill them. Next then I now they are tell me, “ my pills did not go thru!” So I go home and call the doctor. Then I call the pill or the place that OK. the pills. Then I call my lawyers. Could not get any help. Werner will not call them or..

Then I ask the layer back east it I can get help on my own. I told me I had coverage thru the CA. Cmsp program. For health cover. I was not going to use this because now in court it will not be good. How I have to call around for a new doctor. As of OCT. 2005 I have seen over 10 doctors for help. When will it stop. half of me think this will go on for a long, long, long, long time...... then the other half hope by the end of the year I will be fix. Right???? I’m doing every thing to get my back fix and tell other truckers. I had to call over 10 doctors before I found a doctor that will see me on my plan of cmsp. Then the first doctor that will see me will not help. Why? He really did not come out and say it. But have seen to any doctors. Plus it has been over 7 months from the fall, plus did not feel like giving me high amount of pill. So for over a hour that was a waste. Then I ask up in front if they where any other doctors that I could see and would give out the right pills to me. So I had to wait again Then the next week I see this other doctor. He only could do was give me pills. Under the cmsp plan there is no help for back doctors. I just have to seat and wait. How long is unknown at this time. 16 Also told me all the people he has seen with back problems. There is no help.

How he did say that he has hear of doctor doing back help. Never hear if any of the people are well. For how I see him for my pills. Plus how this time I have change pills a lot too. I think my body has taken a big amount of pills. My sink has change some too. What has not gotten gone is the big red spot on stomach. Al I can do is write letter to people and hope soon it will pay off. Also how may more doctors do I have too see.

Then the other day out of the blue I get a call from the back doctor nurse. She left a message on my phone that say’s,“ worker comp has approve the back next back doctor.” but wait!, they only approve the back doctor? Not my main doctor or my pills are not approve? What up with his. I think there is some thing fishy about this. Plus the OK. came from inside Werner. Not there lawyers. I hear very thing had to go thru him first. Then go there my lawyers. Wait! Hold on!! I now why? I have a case hearing in Chico at the end of OCT. So they want me to be well then there is no case!! There will be still a case. I now it for a fact. How it has been 5 months in CA. And still wait, waiting, and waiting a very long time.

Figuring Out The Law

Now for the worker comp law for trucker. There is none!! If you live in one state and was hired in that state. Then why do you have to go to the state that your main office work out of?? That right I was hired in CA. I live in CA. Why can I go to court in CA.?? I have to go back east to Omaha, NE. To fill in the court. Then if you have been on worker comp why won’t they pay for the benefits? They like to take your money an run. They will but you on light duty. Then when they find out you will be there for a long time, they find a why to term you.!! Is this fare? The day I told Werner is the day they started to get me out. I was going to be there over 3 or 5 more months. Then when I ask to leave they made up this lie. Now for the case worker they will put on you then get then to not help the sick worker. Watch out driver if you get a case worker. I have a stack of paper work 17 on case worker, they all say case worker are here to help the sick. Wait she not helping me. All state was worker comp laws. So are go and some are bad. Hear what I see need to happen. If you get hurt you should have the right to go home or to they main term. For help. Then if you go to their place and they what to let you go then they should call the people for you. And let you file your claim back home. Then in the State DOT hand book it saw all driver must weight there trailer. If not they get the ticket. Plus in Werner hand book. It say’s, “ All load over 20,000 lbs. must be weighted. No if or but’s.” if they do not weight the trailer right then there must pay for the tickets or damages. Rolling over a scale is not right unless you stop on it. Plus say’s if you swap a trailer and the other driver. The main driver must make sure it’s legal to driver. ( In my mind if the driver have weight it right or took it back from me at the truck stop. Then I will not be here in this spot today. I will still be driving on the road.) Plus there is lot dot laws to this. Then for the motel some of there laws that they say, I do not believe them. I have stay in other motels and hotels. After I’m there for 30 days I’m a person of that state..

What's New And The Waiting Time

To this day I been waiting for 8 months. Look like I will have to wait some more. Why Werner will not pay for some thing that going to cost a lot of money so they fire me. I will not seat down any more. We will pay all doctors bills. Then they denied my help. At the end of this month or the 10-25-05. I have a hearing here in Chico, CA. To try to get the rights to file a claim here. Back east my lawyer is suing them. So Werner has but a hold on every thing. Werner lawyer is call all the shots now. But wait!!!!!!!!!! The last week of Sept. I get a call. I was not home so they left a message on the phone. It was from the second back doctor I was seeing here. Or the one that was going to fix my back. Your other doctor is approve and the nurse will be calling soon. So I call her back to get the phone number and name of doctor. All I got was the name. Now phone number. Why! It was not my business of give out numbers. So I seat and wait more.

Then I said ok. If he approve then my reg doctor is approve too. Wrong my reg doctor is not approve or I can not get any pills. This is funny why is one approve and the other not?? OH! I now I have that court hearing in couple of weeks. So they what me to be well, then I have no case for worker comp. Will if I do get well I will still fight for my rights. And lost time too. So for now all I can do is seat. I still have a pain in my back if I try to bend wrong or lift some thing to heavy. I’m want to get back out there to work. Or to do some type of work. Os I’m not going out of my mind. All my live I have worked. Even on holidays. I like to stay busy. If I seat for to long I go nut’s. right now I’m going nut’s. I have no wheel’s so if I want to go some place I have to ask my dad to take me. Now I’m just tried of asking, but I will I have no wheels. When I was in Las Vegas. I gave up my truck. It was to old. The way my back is it is easier to get into a truck then a car. Cars are to low to the ground. So it hurt my back get in and out.

So for now I have taken over my parent computer and there den. I’m don’t fill right taken it from them. But they say it ok. If I’m on the computer must of the day my parents can not get into the room. Then there is days I stay out so they can use it. This last month was my dad birthday and my mom gave him a game. I told him I will get off the computer so he could play. To this day he as not play it. I on it he does not want to ask for it. Up to the day I came home I have been living on my own. Up my roof. But when I got into this busy I move out of my place. So I did have to pay rent when I was not there. Try to keep the cost down. I guess what my own place again. I feel like I’m I some body else house. I now my mom said yes I could come back home, but I did not think it will be this long. I been my own place or space. I live my parent all. But I need my own place. If I go back to work with this bad back and I get hurt more then Werner will not pay me a penny.. To all that now me I wish I had a place here so I could still get help. I have no money come in Intel Werner.. I feel like I’m tarring the me apart from the family. I hope some one out there will help me stop this from happen to another trucker.


Last but not forgot, is the doctors. I wish the doctor do not lie. But when they work for a main company then they are trap. Will the first doctor was at the hospital. Will the only then I could say about him is next time look higher or ask more questions. If he took another x-rays up more then he would my found the crack. Now for the doctor that get most of his people from Werner. Will he will keep lie so he can keep seeing there people. I have a copy of a x-ray report that say’s, “ my back was gone back there and he new it.” please look at the report. He told me it was a small crack that it will heal. Then you have a t-12 fracture it should take up to 5 months to heal. The therapy doctor was good out of all the doctor she care about you. Then for that skin doctor that did not want to help me. I was only going to be there a short time. Why is there doctor out there, that do not want to help the sick.

Now for the doctor that I saw first out here. He was ok. He told me the true about my back. I think if I did not have a case worker with me, he would take my case. But on the other hand it’s been to long and the only does small breaks. So he turn me down. Plus he would not give out any pills. He did tell me a name of another doctor. Then I saw him, he told me he was not the doctor that does do the work. He would call this doctor. He was now help to me. He did nothing on help. Then the doctor I had to go see because Werner denied me. I saw him threw this other health care. He did not come out and say it. But it was to long I need help couple of months ago. There is no help for the back on this plan.

This is it for now. Finish the story when I’m well or ........ does this say I have a small crack??? NO!! This was my truck I drove for about 2 months. On February 21, 2005 I fell on snow. Now I seat wait to see if Werner will help. I hope I can return drive again. But right now all I can do is seat and wait. It has been 2 months wait for doctor. Why.?? all I’m looking for what fare.


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