Work Injury To Neck And Hands From Repetitive Trauma

I am an injured worker in the State of Washington. I am also a worker's compensation adjudicator for the State of Washington. I have been at this job 18 years.

I filed a claim for cervical, thoracic and left shoulder. My claim was denied after 7 months of review, indicating no specific injury.

My injury is the result in repetitive trauma from overhead lifting, working at a computer, inappropriate work station, and all the other things that apply. I had to take my case to court in order to get it allowed. This took another year.

So here we are, 2 1/2 years later and I am still trying to get the compensation they owe me and get the surgery approved for the fusion I need on my neck. I also have a claim for bilateral knees as a result of slipping on a wet floor at work. 15 months ago I filed to reopen this claim because of the need for surgery.

To date, I have had surgery on both knees and still have not had a decision on the reopening protest. I have to go to an IME to determine whether or not the claim needs to be reopened.

So, when you think you are having a problem with your claims manager, think of the nightmares we must endure to have the same rights as any other injured worker in the State of Washington. After all, we know how to "use the system".

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