Injured After Following Orders To Perform Unsafe Work Task

I knew it wasn't a safe way to do it. And against my vociferous attempts to persuade my supervisor that there was no way I was going to do it that way he said to me "if you want a job you'll do it." The next day I couldn't lift my left arm from my side.

That was November 02. After two orthopedic surgeons said I had a severely damaged rotator cuff with a torn and retracted bicep muscle and needed surgery. Washington State L&I didn't approve my surgery until March 03.

Essentially I was walking around with the pain equivalent to a broken arm for almost four months. It's been over ten months post -op from an absolutely horrific surgery and I just recently found out I may need another surgery or live with it because further surgery will probably make it worse.

I have no legal recourse because Washington is a no fault state and employees can't sue an employer.

L&I wants to settle for a pittance. I get stuck trying to figure out how to pay for a career change at 49yo. and keep a marriage happy.

I didn't want to be doing this at my age.

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