Injured When Stairs Collapsed At Work

I was injured on june-11-2001 in the state of Washington while working a job site for a client I was starting down the stairs they gave way.

I went to the hospital and was told I injured my back the l-4 l-5 s-1s-2 discs in the lower back I was removed from my job I went back to work and was removed from my position.

After only 6 weeks at part time I was again removed from work on oct-25-2001 due to the pain I have not returned as of this date 1-15-2004 I lost my disability pay and med in april-2002 I hired a law firm to help it took seventeen months with the appeals and court I won in June of 2003.

Today I was informed that benefits will stop again because they stated my doctor I was able to perform sedentary work for my former employer in the state of Washington.

Only problem besides me living in Montana is for 17 months L&I and my old employer cost me so much suffering with two evictions one car repo ( my only car) having to eat at soup kitchens getting food from friends food banks and on top of that this is the same man who lied to the AG for the state of Washington about the case they didn't even come to court.

And now here we go again I take meds every day for pain and meds for stress do to depression I am having because of L&I the employer and most of all not being able to work

I have worked for over 20 years I just want my life back.

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