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Please visit our resources for injured Canadian workers. Please recall that if you are in need of legal advice, you should consult a licenced legal professional for assistance in the Province where you will potentially be making a worker's compensation claim.


Injured Worker Forums

We offer a very popular injured worker forum, which includes a section specifically for injured Canadian workers. Share your experiences with other injured workers, and get their suggestions for improving your medical, personal and spiritual wellbeing.

Injured Worker Stories

Hundreds of injured workers have shared with us their experiences with the worker's compensation system. Visit the collection of injured worker stories, including those by injured Canadian workers. Learn from workers who have been through this before you.

Injured Worker Links

We offer an extensive collection of workers compensation links to valuable online resources. Visit our links organized by state, by topic, and links to resources for injured workers in Canada .

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Visit our growing collection of worker's compensation articles, offering political advocacy and practical suggestions for those trying to find their way through the worker's compensation system.

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