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The following represent the state of the law as of January 1, 2006. Please note that worker's compensation law can be complex and these laws and policies are subject to amendment at any time. If you need help with a worker's compensation issue, please consult a licensed attorney.

Is Worker's Compensation Compulsory? Yes

Are Waivers Permitted? Yes. Employees are allowed to claim common law rights and opt out of the workers' compensation system.

Numerical Exceptions: None ;Licensed real estate brokers or salespersons, or licensed or certified real estate appraisers are exempt if substantially all remuneration for services performed is directly related to sales or other output rather than the number of hours worked.

Choice of Physician: Employee makes the initial choice of physician.

Waiting Period For Comp Benefits After Injury: 3 days

Compensation is retroactive if disability continues for what period of time from the date of injury? None, compensation begins on fourth day after injury

Attorney Fees Permitted: Individual case basis


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